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We offer a large range of workshop services....

This includes batteries, emission testing and  Engine Carbo-Cleaning. Learn more about the extensive range of vehicle maintenance and repairs services that we offer.


Emission Testing.....

Emissions tests are aimed at ensuring that the levels of toxic gases produced by vehicles on the road do not exceed the defined limits. These tests measure the amount of tailpipe emissions produced by car engines, in order to check whether a vehicle meets the regulations that restrict emissions of specific pollutants. 

We can test all engines diesel and petrol. Not only does this give you an accurate reading for the ITV but will also highlight any issues within the engine. And dont worry if your emissions are higher than the current limits, most of the time a simple change of filters or and oil change can rectify the problem.

Carbo-Clean...engine detox.

Carbo cleaning uses hydrogen to break down carbon deposits in the engine. It will clean or decoke the Valves and valve seats, injector tips, EGR, DPF and Turbo.

This results in lower emissions due to carbon build up smoother running and more mpg. The process itself takes on average 45 minutes and there is no dismantling of the engine. We simply add the hydrogen through a tube into the air intake system and run the engine as normal. Great for keeping your car running as new and also with ITV emission checks. 


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